Facebook Smileys – the definitive list!

Here they are in their full glory – enjoy!

Picture of Facebook emoticons

Picture of Facebook emoticons with their proper labels

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Merlin is back – Season 5 starts October 6 2012!

It has been a long time coming, but Merlin will soon  be back for its fifth season on October 6 2012 on BBC1 – and it looks like it is going to be great if this trailer is anything to go by:

I cannot wait to see it – King Arthur’s story begins!

Picture of King Arthur and his Knights

King Arthur and his Knights – a picture from Season 4

Merlin is back!


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Spurs Training Ground

I had a productive morning in Enfield North out delivering leaflets and speaking with residents in Chase ward with Cllr Maynard and Cllr Waterhouse.

Afterwards, I spent a couple of hours with a resident who lives near the new Spurs Training Ground at Bulls Cross; the building work has had a huge negative impact on his view and on his quality of life, and I wonder what we can to improve the situation for him.


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Our beautiful Olympics – our beautiful nation!

London2012 was a triumph in so many ways; an event that reconnected me with what I love about this unique and glorious nation and its people, and made me feel prouder than ever to be British – and to be a true-born Londoner.

For two weeks, this nation was reminded why it is great, and why so much of the world has been shaped by its people and heritage – from the language and literature that has defined modern culture, through to the music that has dominated the charts for decades.

There is so much to recognise and celebrate:

  • The enormous success of TeamGB, demonstrating Britain’s great sporting traditions
  • The effortlessly multi-ethnic make-up of our team, with its gentle echoes back to the days British Empire
  • London once again affirming its claim to the title of ‘world capital’, providing the most stunning of backdrops
  • The slick, faultless organisation of the events, universally recognised as contributing to one of the best organised games ever
  • The armies of volunteers who did their nation proud by helping to make visitors’ time in London even more special with their courtesy, good humour and boundless energy
  • Last, but not least, the fantastic performance of our armed forces, many of whom had to give up holiday in order to provide security for the Games

Who can have failed to be moved by the performances of Sir Chris Hoy, Jessica Ennis and Mo Farah? Each from very different backgrounds, but proudly British.

To see the nation united in celebration and admiration, cheering on British athletes from all walks of life and all backgrounds reminded me that this little island is home to a truly amazing and special people, with unrivalled creativity, passion and energy, who continue to punch above their weight in shaping the world.

This BBC video captures beautifully some of the finest moments from the London2012 Olympics, but the greatest memories will be those I carry with me in my heart and which I will remember every time I walk through the streets of London and recall those cheering crowds and powerful athletes; it is set to John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’, sung by Emili Sandé

Here’s to living in the world’s greatest city, capital of a great nation!

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The Chav’s Prayer 2012

I saw the original version of this paradoy, and although it is extremely naughty and far from politically-correct, I thought that it was very clever and surprisingly well-written – no idea who wrote the original, but they have excellent writing skills, which I have tweaked in my version below:


The Chav’s Prayer 2012

Our father, who is in prison,
Mother knows not his name,
Thy chavdom come, thy shoplifting done,
In TXMaxx as it is in Poundland.

Give us this day our welfare bread,
And forgive us our ASBOs,
As we ‘happy slap’ those,
Who give evidence against us.

And lead us not into employment,
But deliver us free housing,
For thine is the chavdom,
The Burberry and the BlackBerry,
Forever and ever, init?

Cartoon picture of a chav!

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The best tweet by a national tourist board ever – comedy magic!

This outstanding tweet by the England Tourist Board should win an award – and a promotion for their Social Media Manager!

VisitEngland Euro2012 England Penalty Tweet

Screenshot of the very funny tweet by VisitEngland following England’s exit from the Euro2012 tournament on penalties – comedy genius!

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We’re ranked above Argentina in the FIFA world rankings… interesting!

Picture of FIFA World Rankings - June 2012

FIFA World Rankings – June 2012

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Happy Friday everyone – have a relaxing weekend!

Picture of avery chilled-out cat reclining on a bench on a Friday evening in the Med

A very chilled-out cat relaxing on a Friday evening in the Med – he knows how to enjoy his Friday evenings!

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The funniest tweet ever!

The funniest tweet ever from the Downing Street Cat

The funniest tweet ever from the Downing Street Cat following the England vs Ukraine game on 19 June 2012

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Today I was reminded why I LOVE the NHS

Today I was reminded why I LOVE THE NHS…

Moorfields Eye Hospital

Picture of Moorfields Eye Hospital in London.

Since I had eye laser surgery back in 2000, I have had perfect vision, but occasionally suffer from sore and often red eyes. I attributed this to dryness and time in front of the computer, but it was a small price to pay, and easily manageable with eye drops.

However, recently I’ve noticed it getting worse and so started to review options.

When I was in California, I visited a state of the art eye clinic that resembled the one in ‘Nip/Tuck’. The beautiful staff, with perfect teeth, perfect hair and perfect tans treated me like a rock-star as they ushered me in for my consultation.

“Hey, Marcus. This is a common problem caused my radiation from computer screen, damage from the environment and the sun,” said the ridiculously handsome doctor.

“It’s easily resolved, we’ll just cut out your sclera – the whites of your eyes – and then after a few weeks new ones will grow back as white and healthy as the day you were born. It’s so easy – I don’t even need to look at anything else. It takes 20 minutes, and I do it all the time.”

The doctor was confident, and explained to me that all his staff had had it done, and showed me pictures of celebrities that he had treated.

“That seems drastic!” I said, but the assured me it was the only solution.”

“It’s $5500 per eye – a great investment. Let’s book you in.”

I got an appointment scheduled for later in the year, but couldn’t help feeling that it just wasn’t quite right…

Today I went to Moorfields Eye Hospital, the world-renowned medical centre in the slightly decaying Victorian building in Old Street.

The place was full of people in various states of distress, there were leaks and exposed pipes, some of the staff looked like they had escaped from a refugee camp, and it was just like the set of some BBC medical drama.

The Triage Nurse and Sister saw me pretty quickly, but I waited three hours to see the very delightful doctor, who was harassed and clearly overworked, but pleasant all the same. The treatment area was a shambles, and it was clear that they needed better facilities, but they level of care and attention was outstanding.

She gave me a very through examination, checking everything including my sight (still 20/20), pressure and general health.

“There’s nothing wrong with your eyes – they are fine. You just have naturally well-oiled skin and your eyelids need to be cleaned regularly to stop the oil inflaming your eyes and causing redness and dryness. Take these drops for two weeks and you’ll be fine – and buy some of this stuff from Boots to clean them.”

I cleaned my eyelids tonight as she directed, and as described in the tatty photocopied leaflet she gave me, and my eyes feel better already.

Having researched on the Internet, my complaint is pretty common, and never needs surgical intervention.

Doctors should NEVER operate with a profit motive.

God bless the NHS and EVERYONE who works there – we must do everything in our power to protect it and nurture it so that we never have a system where money is a motivating factor.

It’s not perfect, but the NHS is a national treasure, and we must remember to treasure it, and respect the people who work there.

The fact that we live in a country where everyone has access to a high level of service and is attended by people who care regardless of their income, status or education is something to be cherished.

A special salute to my friends working there like Bethany, Hannah and Naomi – angels indeed.

Thank you for listening.

Image of a patient and nurse at Moorfields Eye Hospital

A young girl and a a member of the medical staff at Moorfields Eye Hospital – Photo by Theodore Wood.

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