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I’ve finally decided to come out and admit the truth.

For years I have struggled with an important issue that many of my family & friends have speculated about, and now is the time for me to come clean… Continue reading

Why British people are so obsessed with the weather!

  I’m often asked by friends from all around the world why British people are so obsessed with the weather!? The truth is, our weather in the UK is actually pretty good; it’s temperate, we don’t have the extremes of … Continue reading

World War III: The war on Climate Change

Every day, we read about another weather event that is endangering life, whether it is Superstorm Sandy that affected the Caribbean and American East Coast, the Bangladesh floods of the summer of 2012, the unprecedented floods and high tides currently … Continue reading

Happy Monday, world!

Apparently, looking at pictures of puppies and kittens can improve people’s productivity by as much as 10% – if that’s true, I think that this adorable baby Russian Lynx is worth at least a 20% boost on a cold Monday … Continue reading

What have we done to our planet? We must learn from the BP Gulf Oil Spill disaster

As each day goes by, I get more and more concerned about the damage being caused by the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico – the images of destruction that I see reported on the news are amongst … Continue reading

Economic Eruptions?

I am writing this blog entry from the Chitorok restaurant in Kiev’s Borispol airport when I should actually be sitting in a meeting in the office back in London. Why am I here? Volcanic ash, apparently… Not for the first … Continue reading

Possibly the cutest cat picture ever!

I know that not everyone loves cats as much as I do, but I defy even the most ardent anti-cat person not to fall in love with these two gorgeous felines! I’m updating this with some more cats for 2010 … Continue reading