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Brexit: The Human Cost

This blog post reflects on the human impact of the Brexit referendum result on people living in the UK and beyond. Continue reading

If you didn’t vote in Brexit, your opinion is not valid.

If you were entitled to vote in Brexit yesterday, but chose not to, then your opinion is not valid and I don’t care what you think about the result today! Continue reading

Brexit: an historic day that will change the world.

The Brexit vote will send a shock-wave around the worlds signalling to the world’s political elite that its citizens are looking for change. Continue reading

The staggering scale of the loss of human life in WWII

This page contains a video that shows the loss of life in WWII using infographics. Continue reading

Is Humanity really any more civilized today than 1000 years ago?

An article asking whether or not humanity is any more civilized today than it was 1000 years ago. Continue reading

Seeing NYC’s recovery from 9/11 has moved me!

An article summarizing Marcus East’s thoughts on visiting the 9/11 Memorial Center and experiencing New York’s amazing response to the 9/11 terrorist attack. Continue reading

Praising controversy?

Apparently, I’ve caused a ‘political storm’ by publicly praising Enfield Council officers for doing great work… I’m sorry, but credit where credit is due; they have maintained a high standard of services whilst their budget was reduced by nearly 30% … Continue reading

World War III: The war on Climate Change

Every day, we read about another weather event that is endangering life, whether it is Superstorm Sandy that affected the Caribbean and American East Coast, the Bangladesh floods of the summer of 2012, the unprecedented floods and high tides currently … Continue reading

How long does a queen last? A graphic showing how many US presidents Queen Elizabeth II has seen come and go!

How long does a queen last? A very long time! This fascinating set of images shows how many presidents have come and gone during the 60 year reign of HRH Queen Elizabeth II! God Save the Queen!

I’ll never complain about my paying my taxes ever again; the NHS is worth every penny!

On Friday morning I woke up with mild stomach pain, which I simply put down to having earlier seen my pay slip and the fact that 50% of my salary had disappeared in taxes… I headed for the office wondering … Continue reading