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Marcus East’s TEDx Talk on Dark Technology

Last night I gave my first TEDx talk on what I have labelled ‘Dark Technology’ at the TEDx event at the University of Manchester. It was an honour to be part of such an interesting and stimulating event, and a … Continue reading

Is Humanity really any more civilized today than 1000 years ago?

An article asking whether or not humanity is any more civilized today than it was 1000 years ago. Continue reading

Seeing NYC’s recovery from 9/11 has moved me!

An article summarizing Marcus East’s thoughts on visiting the 9/11 Memorial Center and experiencing New York’s amazing response to the 9/11 terrorist attack. Continue reading

I’ve finally decided to come out and admit the truth.

For years I have struggled with an important issue that many of my family & friends have speculated about, and now is the time for me to come clean… Continue reading

Election Day 2012: Our beautiful democracy!

I had a very stimulating day campaigning, knocking on people’s doors and debating on the doorstep, and it reminds me just how beautiful a thing that democracy is. My colleagues and I got a very positive response from most people … Continue reading

Manipulated images manipulate society. It’s time to stop.

Earlier today I read a very interesting article on ‘Shine’ regarding several recent examples of celebrities who are resisting the use of doctored and digitally-enhanced images of themselves in the media. There are some particularly strange examples of celebrities looking … Continue reading

The official Red Ed ‘Fightback’ Tour poster

The official Red Ed ‘Fightback’ Tour poster, originally uploaded by conservativeparty. Hilarious! Poor Ed Milliband must have a bit of a headache now.

The Official Royal Wedding photographs

The Official Royal Wedding photographs, a set by The British Monarchy on Flickr. Absolutely fabulous!

Happy Easter everyone!

I am very much looking forward to a super-relaxing weekend and this picture is my inspiration… Happy Easter, everyone!

Dune: still one of my favourite films!

In my opinion, Frank Herbert’s Dune is the finest science fiction story ever written, and certainly the most important. Although the film never quite captures the magic of the original book, the beauty of the sets (and the cast), the … Continue reading