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How long does a queen last? A graphic showing how many US presidents Queen Elizabeth II has seen come and go!

How long does a queen last? A very long time! This fascinating set of images shows how many presidents have come and gone during the 60 year reign of HRH Queen Elizabeth II! God Save the Queen!

A truly diamond Diamond Jubilee!

Congratulations on your Diamond Jubilee, Ma’am!

Congratulations to Prince William & Princess Catherine on their wedding!

Wow! What a day! Never have I felt prouder to be British – or to be Londoner! Today’s events remind us why the Royal Family is so important to Britain and to the world; more than a million people lined … Continue reading

So excited by the Royal Wedding!

I’m incredibly excited at the prospect of tomorrow’s Royal Wedding! Prince William and Kate Middleton are a beautiful couple, and obviously very much in love. Kate has a certain air of strength about her that I think will stand her … Continue reading