Merlin Series 4 confirmed for 2011!

Picture of the cast of BBC's Merlin

Picture of the cast of BBC's Merlin - fourth series filming from March 2011!

I’m delighted to hear that the BBC have confirmed that Merlin will be coming back for a fourth series – great news!

This is by far my favourite TV programme of recent times and I can’t wait for its return.

Filming started a few weeks ago, based at locations in Wales and France apparently, and here is a picture of Bradley James, who plays Prince Arthur, with a copy of the script. It must be good because he looks delighted!

Picture of Bradley James - aka Prince Arthur from Merlin

Picture of Bradley James - aka Prince Arthur from Merlin

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26 Responses to Merlin Series 4 confirmed for 2011!

  1. Jake says:

    Yep, fantastic news indeed. I love watching merlin its by far one of the best TV series going and its nice to know it is coming back for another series….Will Merlin finally reveal his true identity to Arthur? Only one way to find out-Roll on series 4!

  2. Marcus East says:

    I hope that Merlin does reveal this true identity – it’s about time!

  3. Joe says:

    I am glad to hear this. A great show that the entire family can watch without concern of adult themes of any kind. Also captures the imagination of our youngsters who are not familiar with the story as old as time itself.

    I would like to see somewhat faster progression during S4 such as:
    Uther fading back while Arthur shines forth;
    Merlin and Arthur both “becoming”
    Roots of Mordred since we saw Morgosse & Morgana defeated at Camelot.
    I hear that there only 5 seasons contracted and would hope to see Arthurs rise to King before the end of it.

  4. Marcus East says:

    Yes, I agree – we have to see Arthur as King before the end!

  5. Bradley Malton says:

    Yes! Finally! This is good news for me as well. This is my favorite show by far and its good to hear some news about it. I notice that the BBC website for merlin is so out of date all the time. It can be frustrating not hearing anything about the show for months on end. Anyway, Terrific! I do honestly hope that this series stays for a little longer than 5 seasons! (hell, The Doctor did, why not Merlin?). Cheers from Canada. – Brad

  6. Let’s hope they allow more than 13 episodes and do more like 22.
    We get to see much more character development with more episodes. This series is wonderfull, after 3 seasons it has proven itself a winner and deserves more episodes to fully spread it’s wings.

  7. Marcus East says:

    I agree! It’s such a great series they need to give it room to grow 🙂

  8. Sara V. says:

    People around the world love this show and are dedicated viewers! It was disheartening to learn they plan for only 13 episodes. Keep writing and producing! Be working on extending those contracts! I’m over here in the U.S. trying to wait patiently, knowing that no matter how long Merlin lasts I will still be sad to see it end.

  9. k tryner says:

    what date is it back on tv

  10. Marcus East says:

    They haven’t confirmed the actual date yet, but the rumour is that it will be this year!

  11. jade says:

    grrr its too long to wait im so impatient i miss merlin 🙁 im gunnah have to buy all the dvds just so i can watch it 😛 x

  12. jenny leo says:

    we in nigerian here we love the film so much,we love to see merlin soon we are really waiting for the season 4

  13. jenny leo says:

    and i will like arthur to become the before the end

  14. Katherine says:

    Hello. Thanks for have confirmed that Merlin will be coming back for a fourth series – great news! Also, because is very helpful for me. I’m learning English… THX to provide this kind of TV show… :):):) I love them :):):)

  15. Gail says:

    Impatiently waiting for Season 4 here in Canada. GREAT SERIES! I really think that Merlin should NOT reveal his secret to Arthur until the very final episode. That would just remove the mystery and a lot of the humor. Again, GREAT SERIES, Brilliant Writing, and I hope it last a lot longer than four seasons.

  16. Korrah says:

    can’t wait for season 4! seriously… can’t wait. it may not be the legend i learned growing up, but it’s still fantastic! and with it being different, there’s always a surprise =)

  17. Trisha says:

    I cant wait for the 4th series to begin, i heard a rumor that it will be on screen in August

  18. mari says:

    me encanta estoy enganchadisima asta el 2012 no se si podre esperar,merlin es buenisimo,y el amor de arturo y ginebra ufff ke bonito,stoy encantada ke haya una cuarta parte y ke sigan los mismos actores,

  19. Maria says:

    I too am delighted to hear that Merlin will be back, since I so enjoy this series. An news yet on when the first episode of season 4 will air?

  20. Scott says:

    Cool….Arthur is a GIANTS Fan!!!

  21. dan says:

    Looks like air date finally announced for 11th OCTOBER. cant wait

  22. Marcus East says:

    That’s fantastic – I just cannot wait!

  23. hazel says:

    great cnt wait for merlin to start ive been watching series one

  24. Gail says:

    Season 4 is starting October 1st according to BBC1

  25. Flater says:

    Just watched the first 2 episodes… have to wait for another week to see more… i to hope to see more then 13 episodes a season and don`t want it to stop after next season.good to see this serie is watched al over the world 😉 Netherlands just reported in here!

  26. Mee says:

    Thanks God:_) I love Merlin so much, The firest time i saw Merlin was when i going to England 2 year ago on that time i falling in love with Arthur now I’m stay in Bangkok and also have a chance to watch good series here!!!
    PS. Thanks all of you to make a good series for us

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