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Why British people are so obsessed with the weather!

  I’m often asked by friends from all around the world why British people are so obsessed with the weather!? The truth is, our weather in the UK is actually pretty good; it’s temperate, we don’t have the extremes of … Continue reading

World War III: The war on Climate Change

Every day, we read about another weather event that is endangering life, whether it is Superstorm Sandy that affected the Caribbean and American East Coast, the Bangladesh floods of the summer of 2012, the unprecedented floods and high tides currently … Continue reading

How should we react to the increasingly unpredictable weather being experienced in Britain?

Yet again, just over two years after the devastating floods in Tewkesbury, Britain finds itself once more coming to terms with the aftermath of a devastating freak weather occurrence and its impact on the people in Scotland and the north … Continue reading