It’s hard to believe, but the Labour Administration in Enfield last night voted down a proposal from the Conservatives to commit to freezing Enfield’s Council Tax for another year; they should be ashamed.

Before the Election in May 2010, councillors like Ozzie Uzoanya made promises about how they would take care of the people in the East of the borough, but it is clear from their actions that they simply do not care about the hard-working people of Enfield.

Ozzie saw fit to vote down an amendment that would have given residents certainty over their household finances, but was only too happy to vote for an additional £2000 to produce leaflets for him and his colleagues. Shame.

He was so vocal before the Election, but silent now – has he been muzzled by his colleagues? Is he just making up the numbers?

The budget presented by Labour last night is a dodgy budget produced by a dodgy administration!