This afternoon I had a lovely lunch at Il Baretto in Blandford Street – the best steak I have had this year, but a little too much for me to handle after a big breakfast with Charles.

I asked the very nice waitress for a Doggy Bag so that the leftovers it didn’t go to waste, and I took it back to the office with me and dreamt about having it in a sandwich tomorrow.

However, on the way home, a homeless man came into my Tube carriage and made a plea for money to buy food.

Pretty much everyone ignored him, but I asked him if he was genuinely hungry.

“Yes,” he said. “I’m not kidding.”

I took out my lovely bit of sirloin with fried courgettes and Parmesan and handed it to him in the plastic tub. He looked genuinely grateful and thanked me warmly and it reminded me how privileged I am to have more than I need.

I’m really glad that I took the extra food and didn’t just bin it – I’m going to make that a policy now. We should all take our extra food when we leave restaurants and give it to those less fortunate than ourselves.