via BBC Sport – Football – Arsenal 4-2 Bolton.

When I heard that we were 0:2 against Bolton, I should have panicked and worried, but my faith in the Arsenal is so strong that I just knew something would change.

However, not even I could have predicted that we would turn it around so comprehensively to secure a famous victory that has put as at the top of the table.

Whilst Liverpool and Spurs scrap it out for fourth place, there is a real belief amongst us Arsenal fans that Wenger’s Young Guns are now coming good, and that silverware is not far away.

It’s not just about winning cups and titles, though – as an Arsenal fan, one has come to appreciate the beauty of Wenger’s team’s football and the importance of doing things the right way.

Sometimes it is frustrating to watch our players attempt to walk the ball right into the net, seemingly passing-up simple shooting opportunities, but when it works – as it did for our final goal – no other team in the world can match it (great finish by Arshavin).

Whatever our position at the end of the season, I’ll be proud to be a Gooner!