January 13, 2013

Why British people are so obsessed with the weather!

I’m often asked by friends from all around the world why British people are so obsessed with the weather?! The truth is, our weather in the UK is actually pretty good; it’s temperate, we don’t have the extremes of hot and cold that many other countries experience, but people still describe our weather as ‘terrible’. Why is that? Let’s use London as an example… On average, London has weather comparable with New York – London being slightly cooler in summer and slightly warmer in winter, with less snow. So why do people think that the weather is so much worse, […]
November 20, 2012

How long does a queen last? A graphic showing how many US presidents Queen Elizabeth II has seen come and go!

  How long does a queen last? A very long time! This fascinating set of images shows how many presidents have come and gone during the 60 year reign of HRH Queen Elizabeth II!  
October 29, 2012

I’ll never complain about my paying my taxes ever again; the NHS is worth every penny!

On Friday morning I woke up with mild stomach pain, which I simply put down to having earlier seen my pay slip and the fact that 50% of my salary had disappeared in taxes…   I headed for the office wondering if I should start finding ways to minimise my tax, but instead turned my thoughts to the important presentation that I was working on and the exciting day ahead in the office. My stomach continued to feel funny, and by lunchtime I was experiencing a little dizziness – not something that has ever happened to me before; by the […]
October 21, 2012

I’ve been hitting the gym hard recently… Today it hit back!

I’ve been going to the gym a lot recently – now that I’ve settled into my new job and that I’m getting into a new routine. I love the buzz that one gets when working out and pushing oneself to the limit, and I put in a particularly heavy session on Thursday night, doing some extra work on my pecs that had me shaking with exertion… It wasn’t until today that I experienced the consequences; my chest has been aching all day, and my arms burning, but it’s that nice kind of ache that says: “Working as intended!”    
September 22, 2012

Spurs Training Ground

I had a productive morning in Enfield North out delivering leaflets and speaking with residents in Chase ward with Cllr Maynard and Cllr Waterhouse. Afterwards, I spent a couple of hours with a resident who lives near the new Spurs Training Ground at Bulls Cross; the building work has had a huge negative impact on his view and on his quality of life, and I wonder what we can to improve the situation for him.