April 21, 2012

Manipulated images manipulate society. It’s time to stop.

Earlier today I read a very interesting article on ‘Shine’ regarding several recent examples of celebrities who are resisting the use of doctored and digitally-enhanced images of themselves in the media. There are some particularly strange examples of celebrities looking wonderful au naturel, but being altered, no doubt to please the tastes of those who thought that they needed enhancement. They didn’t – natural beauty is the only beauty. I am hoping that this is the start of a movement against the use of routinely-altered images, and I used the word ‘altered’ rather than enhanced, deliberately. Magazine covers are dominated by images […]
April 3, 2012

A very special lunch with heart-warming afters…

This afternoon I had a lovely lunch at Il Baretto in Blandford Street – the best steak I have had this year, but a little too much for me to handle after a big breakfast with Charles. I asked the very nice waitress for a Doggy Bag so that the leftovers it didn’t go to waste, and I took it back to the office with me and dreamt about having it in a sandwich tomorrow. However, on the way home, a homeless man came into my Tube carriage and made a plea for money to buy food. Pretty much everyone […]
December 11, 2011

Third Sector Magazine Interview with Marcus East: Online Masterclass – Driving Donations through Social Media

A video of Marcus East made during the Third Sector Magazine Online Masterclass Series in Autumn 2011. In this sequence I talk about the use of social media to drive donations for charities, and the full session including the slides used is available from Third Sector Magazine at: Marcus East interviewed for the Third Sector Magazine Online Masterclass Series in Autumn 2011, in London.
November 6, 2011

Difference Engine: Luddite legacy (The Economist)

Fantastic article in The Economist about technology, automation and the impact on jobs and society:
September 23, 2011

Possibly the cutest cat picture ever!

NOVEMBER 22, 2009 I know that not everyone loves cats as much as I do, but I defy even the most ardent anti-cat person not to fall in love with these two gorgeous felines! I’m updating this with some more cats for 2010 – this time a picture of my mother’s kittens, Bobby and Benjy, relaxing at home in a much more appropriate setting than a sink!