November 25, 2013

World War III: The war on Climate Change

Every day, we read about another weather event that is endangering life, whether it is Superstorm Sandy that affected the Caribbean and American East Coast, the Bangladesh floods of the summer of 2012, the unprecedented floods and high tides currently affecting the United Kingdom, or the incredibly high water levels in Venice that threaten to finally plunge it under the sea. Picture of Flooding in Piazza San Marco, Venice, Italy (Photo: AFP/Getty) In 2012 we have seen extreme weather events affecting every part of the world, but yet still the great nations of Earth continue to spend their money on […]
October 17, 2013

I have a confession to make.

I should be embarrassed to have to make this confession, but I’m not, because this has been an important realisation for me… I’ve finally learned, after forty years, that the characteristic that I value the most – and find most attractive – in the opposite sex, is intelligence. I don’t really care how long a lady’s legs are, or what her waist size is – what turns me on these days is intellect and intelligence. Arguably, I should have known this many years ago, but I think that men are conditioned by media and society to value women mainly at a […]
February 10, 2013

I’ve finally decided to come out and admit the truth.

For years I have struggled with an important personal issue that many of my family and friends have speculated about, and recent developments have convinced me that now is the time to come clean and finally admit it… I’m vegetarian. And proud! Ever since I was a child, I’ve had an unusual relationship with meat… My mother often complained that the only meat I would eat was sausages or chicken breast – I’ve always found chicken wings and legs pretty distasteful, and the occasional KFC Chicken Burger was probably the only time that I ever enjoyed eating ‘chicken’. My mother […]
January 23, 2013

Defeated by my American breakfast!

I had pancakes and syrup for breakfast. Correction. I attempted to have pancakes and syrup for breakfast, but was defeated by the ridiculous portion size and could only eat about half, which means that in the eyes of my American friends I’m now officially a ‘pussy’. What I ate was probably my recommended calorific intake for the day. However, I am soon going to lunch, where my stomach will be subjected to a burrito, thereby probably doubling my required daily calorific intake before 13:00 and I still have dinner ahead of me. It’s impossible to stay slim here in Silicon Valley.
January 13, 2013

Why British people are so obsessed with the weather!

I’m often asked by friends from all around the world why British people are so obsessed with the weather?! The truth is, our weather in the UK is actually pretty good; it’s temperate, we don’t have the extremes of hot and cold that many other countries experience, but people still describe our weather as ‘terrible’. Why is that? Let’s use London as an example… On average, London has weather comparable with New York – London being slightly cooler in summer and slightly warmer in winter, with less snow. So why do people think that the weather is so much worse, […]
April 24, 2010

Election Fever in Enfield!

APRIL 24, 2010 I had the great pleasure of enjoying the beautiful Spring sunshine in Enfield Town today whilst campaigning with my Conservative colleagues. Enfield North Parliamentary Candidate Nick de Bois, Enfield Southgate MP David Burrowes and I were joined by Justine Greening – MP for Putney and Shadow Minister for London. Justine gave a great interview to the local press at Chase Farm Hospital where she explained that May 6th was the last chance for Enfield residents to save the hospital by voting Conservative – the only way to prevent Labour’s planned downgraded of the A&E facilities there. Afterwards, […]
January 7, 2010

The unholy past of the Muslim cleric demanding the Pope’s execution – we cannot afford to allow this man to continue preaching his extremist views!

JANUARY 7, 2010 At 39, Anjem Choudary should be a symbol of success for his peers. Born into the working-class family of a market trader in Welling on the outskirts of London, he has risen – thanks to the opportunities offered by the British education system – to become a qualified lawyer. But it is unlikely his old school will be inviting him to be a guest speaker on prize-giving day. Their former pupil is not famous for his elegant oratory in court. Instead, the articulate Mr Choudary preaches hatred and murder in the streets of Britain to the next […]
January 6, 2010

Senior Labour figures call for Gordon Brown to be replaced, but it’s just too late!

JANUARY 6, 2010 BBC News – Hewitt and Hoon call for Brown leadership ballot. Two ex-cabinet ministers are calling for a secret ballot on Gordon Brown’s leadership, only months before a general election must be called. I am absolutely amazed to hear that senior Labour Party figures are trying to oust their leader just months before a General Election, in what is a clear sign of desperation. To attempt a change of leader at this late stage is not only a recipe for electoral disaster, but also bad for our country – we need stability at this time of economic […]
January 2, 2010

2010: Year for Change

JANUARY 2, 2010 Happy New Year! 2010 is an important and exciting year; it’s a year in which millions of Britons will have a chance to vote for a change of Government – both local and national. It is an opportunity for change – a chance for people to replace a tired, exhausted government that has run out of ideas with a dynamic, vibrant one that has the solutions to Britain’s problems. There is no doubt that this is going to be a tight election, but I will be working hard to ensure a Conservative victory – both to see […]
December 29, 2009

Akmal Shaikh Executed In China

DECEMBER 29, 2009 The Briton convicted of drug smuggling in China has been executed, the Foreign Office has confirmed. via Akmal Shaikh Executed In China As Briton’s Death Sentence Approved By Supreme Court | World News | Sky News. I stayed-up until the early hours this morning to learn of this man’s fate; this is confirmation that China will not under any circumstances capitulate under diplomatic pressure from the West when it comes to domestic affairs. We’d better get used to it – within a generation, China will be the only superpower on Earth, and we’ll have little choice but to […]
November 26, 2009

ConservativeHome’s Platform: Nick de Bois: In these testing economic times we must urgently argue the case for less – not more – intervention and regulation

NOVEMBER 26, 2009 Nick de Bois: In these testing economic times we must urgently argue the case for less – not more – intervention and regulation Nick de Bois is the parliamentary candidate for Enfield North, the seat he also fought in 2001 and 2005. A father of four, Nick is also MD of Rapiergroup, an international marketing events company. via ConservativeHome’s Platform: Nick de Bois: In these testing economic times we must urgently argue the case for less – not more – intervention and regulation. An excellent article by Nick – worth a read!
November 17, 2009

Election 2010 will be fascinating!

NOVEMBER 17, 2009 The prospect of the forthcoming local and general elections fills me with both excitement and trepidation. The excitement stems from the fact that the local elections in May 2010 will be my first experience of running for public office, standing as a candidate for councillor in Chase Ward – the most northern tip of London… The trepidation comes from knowing the country will go the national polls – possibly on the same date – to make one of the most important decisions that Britons will have had to make for a very long time. This great country […]