Luxury car maker Spyker wants to move closer to its main parts supplier and chooses to relocate in Coventry.

A luxury sports car maker based in the Netherlands has announced it is moving an assembly plant to Coventry.

Spyker Cars makes up to 50 luxury cars a year, mainly for the US market, with prices starting from about £180,000.

It said up to 45 out of 135 jobs would be at risk when it moved its assembly plant from Zeewolde in Holland to Whitley in Coventry by the end of 2009.

via BBC News – Dutch car maker plans move to UK.

This is fantastic news for Britain – it is good to see foreign companies deciding to make strategic investments here in the UK – especially in our ailing automotive industry.

There are many good reasons for Britain to become – once again – an international hub for manufacturing, perhaps reducing our reliance on the Financial Services sector.