I had a very stimulating day campaigning, knocking on people’s doors and debating on the doorstep, and it reminds me just how beautiful a thing that democracy is.

My colleagues and I got a very positive response from most people in Chase ward, Enfield, and I had three particularly interesting debates:

  • One man told me he was voting BNP to send a wake-up call to the main parties, even though he didn’t really fancy them or their policies.
  • Another man told me that he was a Conservative, but was voting for Ken because his son was finding it too expensive to go to work, and because he didn’t like how elitist the Government appears.
  • One couple told me that they were not going out to vote at all because they were fed-up with all politicians and felt disenchanted with the whole lot.

I knocked on the doors of a few supporters to thank them for their support and remind people that there would be no Party without them.

When wrapping up as the darkness descended, the local MP, Nick de Bois, and I rescued a young girl who was sitting at a bus-stop in Lancaster Road from a nutter who was pleading for her telephone number and not taking no for an answer.

“I’m your local MP!” said Nick cheerfully, “Marcus is your local councillor.”

“Wow!” she said. “Thanks so much, Mr Politicians.”

All in all, a fascinating and fun day, and I fully expect us to wake to tomorrow to find London once again warmly cosseted in the ample bosom of Mayor Johnson with Red Ken finally sent off into the wilderness where he belongs!