Securing the National Geographic Image Collection with Google Cloud

This week, my colleagues Melissa Wiley, Mike Debnam and I had the great privilege of attending Google Next 19 in San Francisco to represent National Geographic.

Melissa gave an excellent presentation about our use of Google Cloud and how it is helping to reduce the National Geographic carbon footprint and make our technology operations more sustainable.

A picture of Melissa Wiley standing next to a poster of Melissa Wiley

Melissa Wiley greeting attendees at Google Next 19 in San Francisco.

The video below is Melissa’s presentation:

Google Cloud was the first cloud provider to operate on entirely renewable energy, which was one of the reasons that we chose to work with them on our Image Collection project.

The next day I gave a short presentation about our work from a more technical perspective, as part of the Google Cloud Customer Innovation Series, captured in the video clip below:

Many thanks to Google for inviting us to participate, and for being such a great partner!

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