For too many years, the Labour Government under the guidance of Gordon Brown ran the British economy at a deficit, using borrowed money to create jobs in the public sector as part of the the largest programme of gerrymandering ever undertaken;

Today, our new Chancellor, George Osborne, took the initiative and introduced the toughest Budget for nearly a century. He has rightly been dubbed ‘The Enforcer’ by the British press.

Like many, I will be analysing the impact of the budget on my finances and those of my family, but what has struck me most so far is the image above…

A Conservative Chancellor delivering a budget consisting of many things that the Liberal Democrats opposed flanked by the two most senior Liberal Democrats; priceless!

Who said that there is never anything exciting in politics?! I wonder how they felt and how their party will react to their leadership supporting policies that they campaigned against just weeks ago.

Believe it or not, the Prime Minister was sitting behind George Osborne, curiously out of shot – perhaps conveniently?

I commend George Osborne and this brave budget. Well done, George – no longer ‘Boy George’ I think!