I should be embarrassed to have to make this confession, but I’m not, because this has been an important realisation for me…

I’ve finally learned, after forty years, that the characteristic that I value the most – and find most attractive – in the opposite sex, is intelligence.

I don’t really care how long a lady’s legs are, or what her waist size is – what turns me on these days is intellect and intelligence.

Arguably, I should have known this many years ago, but I think that men are conditioned by media and society to value women mainly at a superficial level and it takes some maturity and self-analysis for a man to understand that.

It is just a coincidence that lots of the women that I am close to are beautiful; in reality it is their intelligence that makes them special to me and if I had realised this many years ago, I think that I would have made me a better person.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to flame me, because I probably deserve it.

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