BBC News – Hewitt and Hoon call for Brown leadership ballot.

Two ex-cabinet ministers are calling for a secret ballot on Gordon Brown’s leadership, only months before a general election must be called.

I am absolutely amazed to hear that senior Labour Party figures are trying to oust their leader just months before a General Election, in what is a clear sign of desperation.

To attempt a change of leader at this late stage is not only a recipe for electoral disaster, but also bad for our country – we need stability at this time of economic turmoil, and the British people will simply not accept another unelected Prime Minster.

The way to resolve this issue is simple – call the General Election.

If senior Labour figures do not have confidence in their own leader, then how can they expect the rest of the country to?

The country is ready for change, and the Conservatives are ready to bring the changes that people need; we do not have time for Labour to focus on its internal difficulties at a time when the country needs strong leadership.