Friday 7 May 2010 will stay in my mind for a long time to come…

The euphoria that I felt after learning that Nick de Bois had finally removed Joan Ryan to become the member of parliament for Enfield North – and when it was announced that I had been elected as a councillor for Chase ward – soon subsided when I realised that we had lost control of the council to Labour.

It is many years since Labour has controlled Enfield and it is disturbing to think that the financial mismanagement and class-oriented social policies employed by them previously may soon be returning to Enfield.

Between 1994 and 2002 Labour drove the council’s finances into the ground and quality of local services was incredibly poor.

Since taking control, the Conservatives have built strong finances and improved services sufficiently to earn four-star status. The result of this election puts all of this at risk.

As councillor for Chase ward, I am determined to protect Chase from the worst excesses of a profligate socialist Labour administration in the Civic Centre and will, in particular, be a vigorous protector of our beautiful green spaces.

We know from previous experience that Labour eyes the open spaces of western Enfield with contempt, determined to build as many tower blocks and council estates as possible – something that is just not in the best interests of our residents.

The Conservative group will fight hard in the coming months and years to prevent that happening, and to ensure that Enfield does not become like Haringey – our crime-ridden, one-star neighbour to the south.

Unfortunately, a huge increase in turnout in the east, coupled with a significant voter registration drive by Labour has put the future of Enfield in jeopardy.

As one of the 26 Conservative councillors that will now form the opposition, I will do everything in my power to contain Labour’s excesses, and to prevent them from destroying the great work that was done by the Conservatives under former leader, Michael Rye.