I woke just after 04:00 this morning – partly through excitement, and partly because Tom had arranged for us to go out and do a ‘Dawn Raid’ delivering leaflets to our supporters.

It’s an incredibly important day, and I was in high spirits as I drove across Enfield to the ENCA offices and was greeted by Simon, Tom, Nick de Bois and his lovely family.

By 06:30 we had delivered hundreds of leaflets, and I went over to the Brigadier Hill Free Church which is one of the polling stations in my ward (Chase) and I got an enormous buzz when seeing my name at the top of ballot paper.

After delivering, we grabbed tea in the cafe on Baker Street and then I drove home to cast my own votes – one for the parliamentary elections, and three for the local.

There is no doubt that this is going to be a close election nationally, but I hope that we have done enough to convince the people of Enfield that we are the right team to represent them…

We will know for sure in a few hours!