On my journey in from Southgate this morning, I observed that more than half of the occupants of my carriage were fast asleep and that half of the rest were applying their make-up…

Personally, I wouldn’t ever dream of sleeping on the Tube for fear of someone painting some obscenity on my forehead!

(Actually, I once saw a photographer taking pictures of sleeping commuters on the Victoria Line. I didn’t stop him, as he looked like he was on official business.)

However, it does make me wonder if some people are actually building sleeping time and beauty time into their commute? If so, perhaps London Underground should make the seats a little more comfortable? Or even consider installing sleeping carriages for those who really that extra 45 minutes of REM?

I had previously assumed that these incidents were opportunistic, but having seen one woman sleep in the same seat over a period of a couple of months, I realise that these are not random occurences!

I think that the productivity gains to be had from letting people have a little power-nap on the way to work could be significant; surely there’s a piece of research waiting to be done?

As a chronic insomniac who has survived on about four hours sleep since my teens, I’m slightly envious of those who can fall asleep on command, and actually build it into their routine. A very useful skill in certain professions, I’m sure!

While I admire those who use their commuting time so effectively, I will stick to watching over my sleeping fellow passengers, in some admiration of those women who manage to apply a full face of make-up despite the bumpy ride and fascinated audience.